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Himu Books: Best Humayun Ahmed Himu Books

Himu is a fictional character created by the great Bangladeshi author Humayun Ahmed. There is a long list of Humayun Ahmed Himu books because it’s not a single fiction, it’s a series of fiction which is called Himu series.

Humayum Ahmed wrote more than 200 books in his entire writing career. And he wrote several fictional series and created many popular characters. Himu character is one of them. His other popular characters are Misir Ali, Shuvro, Rupa and more. 

Himu is the most popular character creation of Humayun Ahmed. He has written more than 21 books on this popular Bengali fictional character.

In this article we will dive into the Himu world, will explore the best of the best Himu books and will explore the richness of Bengali literature or post 90’s Bengali literature. We will end up with a short suggestion on the best Humayun Ahmed Himu books list.

Best humayun ahmed himu books


Who is Himu : A Preview of Himu Character

At first we should understand the character. Himu is not just an ordinary fictional character you generally read in fiction. If I try to say in short about this popular character, Himu is a person who is in the process of becoming a noble person like the other noble persons who live on this earth. 

Himu’s Father wanted to make his son a noble person. And he is on the journey to fulfill the dream of his father. According to his fathers noble person’s guideline he lead his live. He has no earthly feelings because noble person has no affection to the life of a regular human being.

He has no affection for family and relationships because noble men don’t have these types of feelings and emotions.

Himu is a person who doesn’t need any more, needs no love, no relationship and needs no permanent living place. He has no affection for the worldly life he is on the journey to spirituality. 

He leads a very simple but a mysterious life. He generally wears Yellow Panjabi without pockets and doesn’t wear any shops. People are attracted to him very easily. Some people think he is a saint and he has many supernatural powers. 

Some Basic Characteristics Of Himu

  • He is a person who has no affection for any kind of relationship.
  • Who doesn’t need any kind of love or care.
  • He needs no money and even not a living place.
  • Himu never wears shops.
  • He has long hair and an attractive personality.
  • He lives mysterious live
  • He walks on the streets day & night without any reason.
  • People think he is a saint and has many supernatural powers.

Who is Himu

How Many Books in Himu Series

Himu is a total series of several different different fiction on different story plots. It is the sum of more than 21 different books Humayun Ahmed writes on different times. So if your question is how many books in Himu series Humyum sir writes then the answer is more than 21 books. 

How many do you read among them? Share with me in the comment section.


Let’s Check The Best Humayun Ahmed Himu books List

I know you are looking for a list of the best humayun ahmed books on Himu. If you are Humayun Ahmed books lover then you know about Himu character. So I don’t want to test your patients any more. Here is a list of 10 best books from the Himu series.

  • Himur Ditiyo Prohor (হিমুর দ্বিতীয় প্রহর)
  • Parapar (পারাপার)
  • Dorjar Opashe (দরজার ওপাশে)
  • Himu Rimande (হিমু রিমান্ডে)
  • Moyurakkhi (ময়ূরাক্ষী)
  • Aaj Himur Biye (আজ হিমুর বিয়ে)
  • Angul Kata Jaglu (আঙুল কাটা জগলু)
  • Himur Moddho Dupur (হিমুর মধ্যদুপুর)
  • Holud Himu Kalo RAB (হলুদ হিমু কালো র‌্যাব)
  • Himu Ebong Harvard Phd Boltu Bhai (হিমু এবং হার্ভার্ড Ph.D বল্টুভাই)

Now maybe you are thinking about the storyline of each book mentioned here. The plots and storylines may help you to choose which book you should start first among them. So here I give a simple overview on each book and their story plots.Let’s check these out.

  • Himur Ditiyo Prohor (হিমুর দ্বিতীয় প্রহর)

In one moonlit night Himu got scared badly and he needed to go to hospital for this reason. This is quite different from the Himu character. 

And this book is slightly different from the other Himu books. For the fear reason Himu has to meet with another great character of Humayun Ahmed Misir Ali. 

Misir Ali suggested that he should face the same thing (the reason of his fear) again. The story continues forward on this line and many coincidences continuously happen. 

  • Parapar (পারাপার)

Parapar is the 4th written book among the series. The story of parapar is, there is a very rich man named after Yeakub Ahmed and he has blood cancer. One night he dreamt that If he could inject the blood of any nobel man who never did any sin in his life then he can totally overcome his cancer.

By coincidence he meets with Himu and asks for the desired blood for him at any cost. And next to the story, Himu starts looking for such a person who has no sin and the story ends up with something unexpected. 

  • Dorjar Opashe (দরজার ওপাশে)

Dorjar Opashe is the 2nd book of the series. And this is one of my favorite books among the series. The storylines is, Ranfiq, one of Himu’s friends, lost this job and asked him to favor him to get his job again. \

Himu is now trying his best to get back Rafiq’s job but the situation is not that easy. For this reason he tries to get help from another friend whose father is a minister.

But recently he had to resign from the ministry due to a mess and now he is the prime suspect of a brutal murder case. And as usual Himu engages in everything deeply. 

  • Himu Rimande (হিমু রিমান্ডে)

One night Himu was walking alone on the street of Dhaka and police caught him for his suspicious activity. And on the next morning we can see he is in remand and police asking him different types of questions and Himu giving answers on his way.

Nextly very interesting things happen, for some reason the police officer goes out of the remand room and Himu comes out from the room and reaches the police officer’s house with fish and sweets.

The story continues with many interesting twists and unexpected turns.

  • Moyurakkhi (ময়ূরাক্ষী)

Moyourakkhi is the first book of the Himu series. It was first published in 1990. This book is actually the introduction of Himu. Here you will find how Himu grew up, how he became this type of person.

Himu’s Father’s wish is to make his son a noble man like others make their son doctor or engineer. But there are no such institutions where anyone can read how to become a nobleman. 

But his father strongly believes that people can become noble men by studying and following the guidelines. So he prepared a self institution to make his son a nobleman and write guidelines for him to lead his life. 

And in this book Himu first meets with Rupa. And Rupa falls in love with him but he ignores it as he is on the journey to become a noble person.

  • Aaj Himur Biye (আজ হিমুর বিয়ে)

Today at 10 PM Himu is going to marry Renu. Himu’s Aunty fixed this marriage and she is determined to complete this marriage at any cost. But Renu loves another guy and he is a drug addict and currently he is in jail. 

Renu can’t marry off Himu, she can’t cheat on her love. So she ran away from home and on the other hand Himu went to meet with Renu’s lover at jail.

  • Angul Kata Jaglu (আঙুল কাটা জগলু)

Jaglu is another interesting character like Himu. He is a gang leader, his profession is kidnapping. Once Himu meets him on the street at night and Jaglu thinks he is the informer of police or member of his opponent party.

Jaglu bring Himu to his place and one more person name Mansur  also prisoned there for money. Himu laid the task to take the money from Mansur’s Family. And the story continues from the line here.

  • Himur Moddho Dupur (হিমুর মধ্যদুপুর)

Himur Moddho Dupur is one of the generous stories among the Himu books. In this Book Himu meets with a rich man who even knows he is rich. He lives a very simple life, generally he spends his time reading books and forgetting everything. Even he often forgot about his wealth. 

The Person suddenly finds both of his kidneys are damaged and he is going to die. He needs a kidney transplant immediately. He has enough money to buy one kidney for him so he starts looking for a kidney donor.

But when he meets Himu. He makes him (the rich man) realize that he should not live with the kidney of another person. 

  • Holud Himu Kalo RAB (হলুদ হিমু কালো র‌্যাব)

Himu drinks a cup of coffee from a small boy who is a street tea seller. And he refused to give the boy money as he had no money. The boy start arguing with him. At the moment a watchman comes there and starts shouting at the boy. The tea seller boy ran away from there leaving all his staffs.

Then Himu picked up the tea flask and other stuffs and started looking for the boy. After a while Himu strat selling tea. Himu makes a promise to his own that until he finds the boy hw will sell tea.

With the continuation of the story Himu meets Murgi Sadek, an extreme criminal who is going to be hanged as a capital punishment very soon.

  • Himu Ebong Harvard Phd Boltu Bhai (হিমু এবং হার্ভার্ড Ph.D বল্টুভাই)

Boltu is a Harvard PHD person, he is a relative of Himu’s Aunty Majeda. He came to Dhaka for a reason. She wants to marry Boltu with a girl. For Majeda Himu and Boltu meet in the story.

Himu takes Boltu to a Majar and starts living there. Day by day Boltu becomes a fan of Himu and they both become so close.

There is an important character in this story, a girl named Tuturi. She falls in a trap by a molest person. 

Himu Books

Wrapping Up

Humayun Ahmed is a magician of writing. He writes many famous fiction & series. You would love many of Humayun Ahmed’s romantic books or this mysterious Misir Ali character.

But Himu is different. This great creation of Bengali literature takes a different place to the heart of readers. Among all the character creation of Humayun sir Himu is the best.

When anybody start reading Himu books he falls in love with Himu and he also wants to be like Himu. Like others, I also wanted to become Himu in my childhood. It is that type of power full character. There are lots of famous characters in Bengali literature but Himu has a different place.

Hope this article is worth reading for you and the suggestions could help you to start reading Himu. Get started reading the Himu books with my suggestions and fall in love with Himu. Happy Reading !!!


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