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This website is for classic lovers. Classic literature is actually gold in the world of literature. so we are thinking of making a blog that provides quality content on classic books and literature around the world for passionate classic readers. In this blog, we will write suggestions and reviews on classic books for readers. We will also cover the writer’s biography and classical writing history.

Here you will get reviews on all the best world classic literature of all the great authors. We will gather sources and content that help to read more and more of the best world classics of all languages and regions. We have an ocean of classic literature and we want to make a way to dive in the ocean.

On the other hand, all classic books, is also a community of classic lovers from all over the world. Though our community channels you can connect with other readers from all countries and get more and more knowledge about classic writings. Join our community to connect to other regular readers and follow us on social media to get regular book suggestions and thoughts.

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