10 Best Cult Classic Sci Fi Books

10 Best Cult Classic Sci Fi Books

Cult classic sci fi books or science fiction books are a specific genre of classic literature. Although science fiction has a massive fanbase in today’s world, it is not a new genre in literature. Over the past decades, well-known authors have written many fantastic science fiction books.

Many science fiction books become cult classics due to their influencing quality and substantial devoted fanbase. I know many people are now looking for classic sci-fi books to read, and many of them are eager to read some of the best cult classic sci-fi books. So, I have decided to write a blog post on the century’s best cult classic sci-fi books. Here, I list the ten best cult classic books of our century. Let’s dive into the deep!

Why I choose these books

Before diving into the depths of this blog post, let’s first look at why I chose these ten books for you. When I wrote this blog post, I also decided to list the science fiction that significantly impacts modern sci-fi literature and helps to endeavor the contemporary science fiction genre. These books also have a significant effect on modern science and technology. These books are ahead of their time and have greatly influenced today’s world.

Here are the 10 Best Cult Classic Sci fi Books

Here is my list of the ten best cult classic sci-fi books. These books will give your mind a new thought about classic science fiction.

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? 

>> By Philip K. Dick

After a massive nuclear war, humans left Earth and built civilization on another planet. Those who remain on Earth are obsessed with owning rare living animals. Rick Deckard is a bounty hunter tasked with killing androids who have illegally come to Earth. These androids are super robots, almost like humans, but they lack empathy. 

The story turns when Deckard begins to question what it means to be human and whether it’s right to treat the androids only as machines are suitable.

Journey to the Center of the Earth 

>> By Jules Verne

Journey to the Center of the Earth is a cult classic science fiction novel by Jules Verne. The story is about a curious professor named Lidenbrock who discovers a clue in an old book about a secret passage to the center of Earth. He decides to explore it and drags his nephew Axel on an adventure to Iceland, where they rappel down a volcano.

Their journey takes them through a fantastical underground world. They encounter giant mushrooms, a vast underground sea, and even prehistoric creatures like dinosaurs! They also face dangers like getting lost, running out of water, and encountering grumpy creatures.

Will they find the Earth’s center? And will they even be able to escape? That’s the adventure waiting for you in Jules Verne’s classic tale!

journey to the center of the earth book


>> By Frank Herbert

The Story of Dune follows a young noble named Paul Atreides, who moves with his family to the desert planet of Arrakis. Arrakis is the only source of a valuable substance called “spice,” which is essential for space travel. But Paul’s family is betrayed and attacked there. 

Paul escapes into the desert. He joins the Fremen, the native people of Arrakis, and learns their ways. Paul eventually rises to power, leading the Fremen in a rebellion to reclaim control of Arrakis and avenge his family. The story explores themes of politics, religion, and the environment.

Dune book

Time Machine 

>> By H.G Wells

The Time Machine is about a scientist who invented a machine that can travel through time. He uses it to visit the distant future, where he discovers two strange races: gentle Eloi and hazardous Morlocks. In this journey, he realizes the Morlocks control the Eloi and use them as food. 

After several dangerous encounters, the Time Traveller scientist manages to escape back to his own time. He tells his friends about his adventure, but they don’t believe him. Finally, the Time Traveller goes on another journey in time and never returns, leaving his fate a mystery.

the time machine by h.g. wells

A Clockwork Orange 

>> By Anthony Burgess

A Clockwork Orange is about a teenager named Alex who leads a gang that commits violent crimes in an ideal society. Alex and his friends even hurt people for fun. They speak a made-up slang called “Nadsat,” which makes their actions even more disturbing.

One night, things go wrong for Alex, and he ends up in prison. There, they try a new treatment on him to stop him from being violent anymore. If the treatment goes wrong for Alex, it takes away his free will and makes him miserable in a different way.

A Clockwork Orange book

Starship Troopers 

>> By Robert A. Heinlein

Starship Troopers is one of the great Sci-fi novels based on Aliens. The story is about a young soldier named Johnny Rico who joins the military to fight against Aliens called bugs. The novel follows Johnny’s journey through his training and battles as he fights to defend Earth.

This book gives you a reflection on the future military training, battles, and the political system.

Starship Troopers


>> By Kurt Vonnegut

Slaughterhouse-Five is about Billy Pilgrim, an American soldier in World War II. Who join World War II and becomes a German prisoner. The story also talks about how Billy meets with some aliens who teach him time travel.

The story has two sides. On one side, we can experience his misery as a prisoner, and on the other, we can experience the jump of his life in his past, present, and future. The book allows us to explore the terrible effects of war on people’s minds and how it dramatically changes one’s life.

cult classic sci fi books

Brave New World

>> By Aldous Huxley

Brave New World is a story about a future society where people are grown in labs and engineered to be exactly what society needs them for. They don’t experience sadness, love, or deep emotions.

The main character, Bernard Marx, is unhappy with this shallow world. He travels to a reservation where people live the old way, with families and strong feelings. He brings a woman named John back to his society. John finds this new world horrible and is willing to return to her old life.

The story teaches us what it means to be human. And the value of emotions, feelings, relationships, and family bonds.


>> By William Gibson

The story is about a mysterious guy named Armitage who offers Case a chance to regain his hacking skills. Case teams up with a street samurai named Molly and navigates a world dominated by powerful artificial intelligence and corporations. 

Their mission is to hack into an advanced AI called Wintermute. As they enter cyberspace, they uncover unbelievable secrets and face numerous dangers.

The book allows you to explore the world of technology, artificial intelligence, and the blurred lines between reality and the virtual world.


World War Z 

>> By Max Brooks

World War Z isn’t a traditional narrative but an oral history of the zombie apocalypse. The story unfolds through interviews with survivors worldwide, detailing their experiences during the outbreak and the fight for survival.

The book covers the virus’s origins, the following chaos and destruction, and how humanity eventually fought back and rebuilt. It also shows the impact of the zombie war on individuals and societies, people’s survival struggles, resilience, and cooperation.

World War Z

Closing Words

Here, I enlisted some of my favorite science fiction books, which have become cult classics for their unique and ahead-of-the-time themes. You can follow my list and taste the beauty of cult classic sci fi books. You can also make your list; many interesting classic science fiction novels exist.

Start reading cult classic sci-fi novels today, and let me know your feelings about the books.


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